WASHINGTON D.C., — OCTOBER 12, 2014 — Donaldson Aerospace & Defense, a division of Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE: DCI), is enhancing its engine filtration offerings for defense ground vehicles.

PowerPleat air cleaners and filters, introduced by Donaldson Company in March, are now being made available to the defense market. In addition, in direct response to customer requests, Donaldson is introducing a more lightweight, aluminum version of its Pulse Jet Air Cleaner, PJAC™ Ultra®. PJAC Ultra is already a defense industry mainstay, protecting the engines of elite ground vehicle fleets and military forces worldwide. PJAC Ultra Aluminum is substantially lighter than its non-aluminum counterpart and is available in smaller sizes ranging from 11 to 16 inches to meet customer space requirements.

“Defense customers have told us they need lightweight, space-saving systems that still deliver exceptional filtration performance and value,” said Matt Fortuna, Director, Defense Ground Vehicles. “These products deliver on both counts, offering OEMs improved flexibility for design and installation.”

In addition to using Donaldson's proven RadialSeal design, PowerPleat air cleaners benefit OEMs and engineering teams with highly flexible mounting options and multiple inlet/outlet configurations. The innovative plastic RadialSeal design allows for system simplification that saves money by eliminating the need for external pre-cleaners, scavenged systems or additional mounting brackets. PowerPleat models also offer the advantage of being able to use an air cleaner with a smaller overall space compared to competitive alternatives.
PJAC Ultra Aluminum uses controlled pulses of compressed air to automatically clean the intake filter, delivering up to 10 times the life of conventional air filters. This active cleaning process helps keep contaminants away from engines and ground vehicles operational in the most severe environments while reducing life-cycle costs and maintenance requirements.

Designed with Donaldson Ultra-Web® nanofiber filtration technology, the PJAC Ultra Aluminum air cleaner provides the highest level of efficiency – 99.997+%. Ultra-Web, the industry’s most efficient filtration material, prevents clogging by capturing tiny particles on the filter’s surface for efficient continued air flow and easy maintenance and cleaning.

Current and prospective customers can discuss Donaldson’s advanced filtration technologies with company experts at the Donaldson exhibit, Booth 8029, during the AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition, October 13-15, 2014, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.

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