Leading the Way in Aerospace & Defense

We are continuously improving our state-of-the-art in filtration technology to meet the needs of the aerospace and defense industries. Working with some of the biggest names in the market has helped give us a deep understanding of filtration solutions.

The best technologies deliver big benefits. Our customers expect us to create custom filtration systems and technologies that deliver the superior performance you need, the quality you require and the peace of mind you want.

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Air Intake
Custom Designed, High Performance Solutions
Engine Liquid
Engine and APU Fuel and Lube/Oil Assemblies
Hydraulic, Pneumatic & Fuel Tank Inerting
Advanced Filtration for Demanding Environments
Avionics, ECS & Electronics
Improves Environment for
People, Equipment and
Critical Systems
Emissions & Exhaust
Products for Military
Diesel Powered Vehicles
and Equipment